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A mature, well-established, else no or significantly higher prices may be replaced by a special service we offer. Our company is focused on one area, typically the product life cycle maturity (if the utility network renovation, replacing the start of growth) phase is.

Application Areas

The water table inset with vacuum technology is the most widely used method in the field of civil engineering and civil engineering. Brief Description of technology: Vacuum-attendant application technology fine-grained soils - suggested (10-4 k = 10-8 m / s) and tight working area of ​​construction works (eg .: foundations of urban vacant lot).

A typical field of application technology:
• line facilities, utilities construction, renovation and repair.
• large-area excavation dewatering: basement blocks, utility tunnels.
• Placing tanks are installed below ground: gas stations, waste pre-treatment building structures.

Electric motor-driven equipment used by the Picco Kft. up to 1.5 m3 / min to highlight water as well. The pump performance in order to avoid hydraulic fracturing progressively varied. Installing the tentacles of the high pressure pump, flushing, or pre-drilling is happening. Under normal circumstances a vacuum unit at the same time approx. 100-120 m in length can be connected via a manifold and operated.

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A mature, well-established, else no or much higher price can be replaced more...

The service

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The water table inset vacuum technology is the most widely used method of public more...


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Our major customers (2015 from 2012), Strabag, Tápióság, South Road, Zákányszék more...

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